About Us

About Gardens and People

gardens and people is a website with all kinds of articles and information on gardens’ history, garden design, art, plants and people. You won’t be able to find how to grow peas, but you might find a history of the pea… Any offers?

It is run by me, Bella D’Arcy Reed, a professional garden designer and writer, with the help of other professionals – working, at the moment, voluntarily.

I hope you will find the range of information and stories interesting. Updates are done bi-monthly. Some articles remain on the website permanently and others are moved to the archive after six months.

This website has an emphasis on people: it is about projects involving people with gardens. Here, you will find:

  • features on gardens and garden designers past and present
  • articles about community garden projects
  • reports of young people’s involvement in gardens
  • studies of plants
  • stories of plant hunters
  • original articles, theses and dissertations
  • interviews with garden experts and artists
  • beautiful things for the garden
  • book reviews
  • … and many other pieces on gardens and people

Share your garden experience

I want to hear from people who have a real passion for a particular design or historical topic; from people all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been published yet, I am interested in good information and good stories. If you have anything, plus pictures, please submit it.