Bank Locker

Actually, intelligent bank locker implies a safe, reliable as well as effective clever locker that is used to send out specific items to the users in their downtime commonly needed to supply, move or save. So, it is different from the conventional meaning of resolving express delivery problems. The bank locker developed not for express shipment troubles, yet since individuals are focusing on the quality of life as well as the protection of personal privacy. The future worth of the bank locker depends on just what customers want. It gives:

Bank Locker

1) Daily diet regimen circulation, such as fresh & convenience food, milk, and so on

2) Every day life distribution, such as dry cleaning, take-away, etc.

3) Daily supplies circulation such as living materials, household preparation products, and so on

4) Safety tracking functions.

5) Daily on the internet shopping circulation such as specific pick-up, pre-owned recycling.

6) Daily life repayment such as bank card settlement, bus card payment.

7) Repair & examination, household monitoring service;.

8) Product exchange, public advantage, device leasings (day-to-day fixing devices);.

9) Ad and information publishing such as making announcements, print ads, LCD ads, etc;.

10) Self-help vending, late evening buying, etc

. Taking clever locker as an e-commerce product or an express distribution device is a relatively narrow interpretation. The intelligent bank locker itself is a tool and also the impact of the device depends upon the usage, range as well as approach.

Three Indicators of the Smart bank locker.

1) Area Choice: There are specific requirements for parcel device concentrating area. It has particular needs to entire express delivery area, consisting of the number of the houses, constructing area, the variety of residential neighborhoods and also the percentage of express pieces and also houses. For top quality launching area, it frequently takes 30,000 households as a system; all structures ought to be skyscrapers (layer 7 or above lift home), mainly medium-sized neighborhood, the overall quantity of the neighborhood is not greater than 50, and the proportion of specific items and houses need to be greater than 12% (120 pieces/days/thousand homes).

2) Equipment coverage rate: The intensity figures out the result. There are certain needs to the density of parcel makers. With 50% protection rate, some little and also medium-sized express companies agree to pay, the worth of regional channels and advertising begins to highlight. If the thickness of parcel equipments is low, the total effectiveness of specific firms will not improve clearly and express business are not willing to pay the cost. With more than coverage rate, the distribution performance of specific business starts to raise a number of times over, from 80 pieces per day each carrier to 200 pieces daily. And it will not be a trouble to form self-help cost.

Bank Locker

3) Tools use price is the trick: Any kind of area is mixed with all sorts of old as well as little neighborhoods. The everyday reveal of such neighborhoods is around 20 pieces/day (besides some special ones). Putting parcel machines right into such location does not have evident advertising effect, at the same time the expense and usage price are low. The general result as well as significance additionally is not huge. So, the very best insurance coverage rate of the entire area is generally 80%. The efficiency can not improve if it is as well low, as well as the reusing cycle will be too long if too high.

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