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Garden design is not a new profession, but it has grown enormously over the last 20 years as more and more people see the worth of having their outside space designed by a professional. Not only private gardens but also gardens for public use, schools or for particular communities are now designed by garden designers and landscape architects.

gardens and people is interested in all genres of garden design and want to feature designs which are distinctive and beautiful, contemporary or traditional, big or small. If you are a designer or design practice and have gardens of distinctive design (architecturally and/or plant-wise), please e-mail us giving:

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Garden Design Articles

Due to the length of content and the many pictures we include, some articles may take more than a minute to download – please be patient – it is worth it!

Designing within a Community

Working with a group to design a garden is one of the most exciting projects to undertake… [Read full article]

Interview with Andrew Fisher Tomlin

Fisher Tomlin is a company which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year (2009). We asked Andrew to look back to the beginning…… [Read full article].

Gardens that were never built – by Jill Sinclair

Most of us would give almost anything to have our gardens laid out by one of the great designers – a Humphry Repton terrace perhaps, or a Gertrude Jekyll flower border… [Read full article].

Gardens for people with disabilities

Astute observations and an informed approach go further than official guidelines when designing private or public places for disabled users…. [Read full article]

Profile of a Garden Designer: Thomas Hoblyn

Thomas Hoblyn is a Garden Designer who knows about plants… He has also studied plants in their natural habitats around the world… He is also interested in the gardens of the Renaissance and the Islamic world, and in contemporary land art… [Read full article] – More about Thomas Hoblyn


Garden Design Articles: working with schools

Designing with schools

Some schools will only want advice on planting up an area or on starting a school garden… involve the children in thinking, planning and in extending their creativity as well as in learning about plants and gardening… [Read full article]

Design for a Courtyard or Infant and Nurery School

The Brief: to convert a very bare, bleak courtyard in the middle of the school… and to establish a courtyard garden for the use of all the children to sit and to work… [Read full article]

The Echo Public Garden, made with Schools

In the 2004 Juliet Martin, Arts Development Officer for Chelmsford Borough Council approached garden designer Bella D’Arcy to discuss a project involving schools to be part of the community programme… [Read full article]

The Elements Garden, with a Junior School

The brief for the garden… was to create a contemporary garden… working with Junior School children. The concept for the garden was to be the four elements – fire, air earth and water…. [Read full article]

A Garden for GCSE Art

The idea for a garden design project was initially prompted by the desire amongst the school community for a lasting memorial to a member of staff… [Read full article]

A quiet Garden

In 2008, a project was discussed for a quiet garden… It was agreed that a garden should be made on the theme of St Patrick’s journey… [Read full article]


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