Gardens and People Essays

This is an occasional series of essays on gardens. The essay is a rather neglected form, but we think it important as it allows people to muse, to connect and express their thoughts on an idea that interests them. We welcome ideas for essays – please submit your garden essay!

Future Gardens
An essay by Jane Gibbon

We’re truly into the 21st century now and I wonder about the changes that’ll take place in gardens in years to come. It can hardly be expected to be business as usual for gardeners while the world and its problems pass by, and as the key issues …[Read full interview]

Why do we make gardens?
A contemplation by Twigs Way

Ask anyone why they garden and you will usually be met with a ready response. In my experience typical replies include…[Read full interview]

The Garden and the Exile

People who come to the UK as asylum seekers often need help in adjusting to life away from ‘home’, and making a garden can help them very much. Jane Gibbon has researched this area…[Read full article]

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