Túi Ngủ Văn Phòng

Picking a resting bag requires one to create a choice in a few various locations. Both main considerations are whether you will certainly be loading your bag using a knapsack, and also secondly, what temperature level conditions will certainly bag should cover you against. We will cover these consider information, and after that we will certainly also go over aspects like fill material choice, covering material choice, form (mummy or rectangle-shaped), and measurements of the resting bag.

Túi Ngủ Văn Phòng

We will certainly begin with a little history of túi ngủ văn phòng. To the best of my initiatives, I have been unable to locate evidence of the manufacture of túi ngủ văn phòng pre- Civil War era. As a matter of fact, it appears that the very first business sleeping bag manufacturer may have begun operation in the 1890’s. Every one of this started in Europe. Prior to using túi ngủ văn phòng, bedrolls were the lineup.

The initial large use of túi ngủ văn phòng was by mountaineers. Their túi ngủ văn phòng were very unrefined compared to today’s. Clearly the function of their túi ngủ văn phòng was to be light enough to carry and to maintain them warm. These kind of considerations are where your option of a resting bag ought to start.

Is Weight a Consideration?

I do not wish to oversimplify things here, yet a good starting indicate limit selections, is whether or not you should eliminate sleeping bag selections that are too hefty to pack on a backpack. Túi ngủ văn phòng that evaluate just two extra pounds are available, but at a rate. The lighter the bag, the harder (as well as much more pricey) it comes to be to buy one with a low temperature score. If weight is not a factor since you will certainly not be backpacking, your selections expand substantially.

What Temperatures Will Your Bag be Used In?

The purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you cozy. The purpose of outdoor camping is to have fun. It is tough to have an enjoyable as well as pleasurable time when freezing through the evening. I recommend not losing your cash on any sleeping bag that will certainly not maintain you cozy. So how do you know if sleeping bag will keep you heat?

The problem with ratings made use of to be that there was no established criterion. Recently this has actually changed. There is now an EN (European Norm) ranking system that has made an effort, and also a respectable one at that, to establish a far better as well as a lot more constant score system. No score system lacks imperfections, but this one obtains close.

The temperature score you need to try to find is the minimum you expect to run into on the travels you will take. As an example a 20 degree bag should keep you comfortable down to that temperature. If you are looking for more information on túi ngủ văn phòng, please visit: http://www.zemzemshop.com.

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